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Gobi Mongolian Grill


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Come In For A Sizzling Meal.

Gobi Mongolian Grill is a restaurant in Pleasanton providing authentic Mongolian grill dishes made with locally-sourced ingredients. We offer a variety of signature dishes on skewers with flavors ranging from spicy Kung Pao to crispy spring rolls. With fresh vegetables, beef, lamb, chicken, and shrimp on a stick, our flavorful spicing creates a gourmet food experience for you. By offering the widest variety of flavors, including vegetarian dishes and traditional dishes such as Chicken Stir Fry, Gobi Manchurian and Szechuan Crispy Chicken, we feel delighted to present you with the best of our Mongolian grill dishes. Whether you visit our restaurant or place your order online, you can create your own bowl with barbeque meat, grilled vegetables, noodles and sauces of your choice. Every dish we prepare tantalizes your taste buds and makes sure that you enjoy our food. All of this becomes evident when our guests visit us in small groups or with family to celebrate and leave impressed by the food they had enjoyed at our place. It is the premier spot that has an authentic Gobi Mongolian Grill menu. We are passionate about serving quality food, always fresh, and never frozen. The Gobi experience is one that you will never forget. You can find our style of food in renowned restaurants across the East-Asian countries. But we are happy to offer it right here in your hometown! If you haven’t tried our signature favorites like spicy Kung Pao, Veggie Stir-fry, Gobi Teriyaki, or crunchy Spring Roll yet, we call you in for a delightful meal. We prepare and deliver luscious meals to Mongolian BBQ lovers who are as excited to gobble down the food as we are, to cook. Run over to our place today and make your own Mongolian bowl just as you like it.

Calm Your Hunger With A BBQ Fare

Whether it’s the days of summer or the nights of winter, we bring Mongolian grill dishes and smoky chicken to your table. But if you are someone who prefers vegans or gluten-free, you still get savory sauces and barbequed dishes with the same smoky flavors. Meet us to enjoy the food you’ll love fresh-from-our-kitchen.


To Making Every Meal Count

We love food, and so do our guests. With a great quality of service and attention to detail, we create a hospitable atmosphere for them to enjoy their food. If you’re on the lookout for a delicious Mongolian Grill restaurant with warm dining scenes and service, this is your place to be. What’s not to like about us, right?

Customer Reviews


Spen Doe

This place happens to be one of my favorites. Gobi Mongolian Grill is an awesome place and I love the garlic and spicy chili oil.

Kay Chang

Delicious and inexpensive! We hadn't had Mongolian BBQ in a long time and we're delighted to find this place

Elan Teodorowicz

This was a wonderful culinary experience. Not just because of the flavors but also because of the textures and the taste of the steamed/pan-fried noodles.

Avijit Pramanik

This is the first time we have visited this wonderful restaurant. Good food, lots of meat and vegetable options, and the staff are friendly. We enjoyed it throughout.

Kevin Yi

Great flexibility in the menu and amazing food as always. Made on the spot